Consulting in Individual and Collective Bargaining Law

The Argentine Labour Law is composed of a complex web of highly regulatory and dynamic rules. In this context, a high specialization in the labour field becomes an essential factor both at the time of making decisions and defending corporate interests.

Based on this, Funes de Rioja & Asociados makes an integral approach to the labour issues, taking also into account the interdisciplinary nature that must characterize the professional counseling in that field. In this sense, each aspect of the Industrial Relations area needs a deep and exhaustive expertise to identify core issues and find suitable solutions.

It is evident that the Employment Law must increasingly harmonize with the advantages that the Labour Law offers through the social dialogue materialized in collective bargaining.

Traditionally, in Argentina, labour unions have been historically characterized by their centralized and structured power. By law they represent the workers of almost all the industrial, commercial and service rendering sectors. They are also the main health services providers as they manage and control the Health Management Organizations for workers and their dependent family groups. Therefore, they have a strong political and economic power that calls for a careful professional service based on the deep knowledge of the legal regulatory framework and the solid experience acquired in the bargaining and negotiation of uncountable conflicts.

Funes de Rioja & Asociados provides its clients with the necessary tools to achieve the changes leading to obtain the permanent competitive advantages that are essential in today's labour market, in order to improve efficiency and costs at the time of deciding an investment.

Labour Legislation

  • A complete and interdisciplinary approach to labour issues.
  • Work organization.
  • Administrative disputes related to the Labour Law.

Labour Policy

  • The 'labour policy' cannot be separated from the integral strategy that enterprises adopt in the human resources field.
  • Our professional team is composed of specialists in organizational restructuring, employment, personnel selection, education, professional training and career development in the understanding that these disciplines cannot be separated from the legal and/or bargaining framework in force.
  • Employment promotion and tax exemption programs for corporate investment in professional training and education-oriented activities.

Industrial Relations

  • Management and strategy in negotiation and labour and employment disputes.
  • Analysis of the corporate labour situation.
  • Labour restructuring and labour crisis prevention procedure.
  • Participation in the preparation of offers for acquisitions, mergers and privatization processes.
  • Voluntary Retirement Plans
  • Compensation structures and reward policies

Training courses for HR and Legal Departments.