Judicial Administration

Labour and Social Security Litigation

Funes de Rioja & Asociados provides an integral assistance, legal representation and sponsoring both at judicial and administrative level, facing the challenges of a higher specialization and a close follow-up of litigious cases that concentrate higher risk in the labour field.

The judicial administration area is covered by an important group of professionals working in teams, each one headed by an experienced team-leader that guarantees the full comprehension of the matter in litigation and keeps in close touch with clients. At the same time, the Central Team provides a strong support regarding doctrine and case law.

Our service is supported by a network of associated law firms and lawyers providing wide geographic coverage throughout the country.

The Firm has also developed a sophisticated computer-assisted support system for the purpose of providing clients with a permanent report on the lawsuits in process and their evolution. This contributes to achieve predictable results both in the legal and financial aspects.

The ISO 9001:2008 certification obtained plays an important role jointly with an Internal Auditing system. Both guarantee quality control and optimize the qualitative approach as well as all aspects related to procedural routine.

Regarding this area our services are:

  • Participation in alternative dispute resolution procedures.
  • Assistance, legal representation and sponsoring in litigoius labour matters.

Funes de Rioja & Asociados has reached a high specialization level through an outstanding career path combined with an excellent administrative, accounting, technical and computing organization that supports and contributes to the achievement of the corporate mission.

The firm has developed a Quality Management System, obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 certification. Funes de Rioja & Asociados has joined Ius Laboris, the most important Alliance of leading HR law practitioners.

Funes de Rioja & Asociados law firm has an outstanding profile and seeks to maintain its long-standing leadership through the high quality services provided.