Labour Aspects of Migration Law

Globalization has brought about the migration of employees from one country to another with the particular framework that each country imposes in relation to the employment of migrant workers.

Particularly, our clients are multinational companies with headquarters abroad or regional companies that are in need of consultants capable of accompanying the selection and hiring processes of foreign nationals as well as the transfer of expatriate employees to different corporate branches around the world.

In this regard, Funes de Rioja & Asociados provides advice in all aspects related to the processing of work visas, authorizations and other procedures related to the migration of workers both at legal and social level. Our firm provides support in all the presentations to the migration or administrative authorities. In summary: a global service that includes all the different aspects involved. Our vast experience allows us to address urgent problems, meet deadlines and provide services tailored to our client's need.

In view of Argentina's complex migration policy, our firm's lawyers provide highly specialized counsel on employee migration matters, maximizing time and working with all due expedience.

To complete the services rendered in Argentina, we work jointly -through the Ius Laboris network- with lawyers from other countries specialized in Migration Law.

Based on the detection of market specific needs, Funes de Rioja & Asociados and KPMG have jointly developed this product that allows to determine good corporate labour practices and the degree and standard of compliance with applicable regulations, thus minimizing the contingencies derived from section 30, Law 20.744 on joint labour liability as well as those arising from non-compliance of social security regulations. C-Lab is a system of certification of processes related to the human resources management, setting the IRAM certification through IRAM REFERENCIAL REGULATION NĀ° 9 "Program of certification of labour relations compliance". The program can be applied both to organizations in general seeking to verify the degree of compliance with the minimum requirements in the labour and social security fields and also to the contractors of organizations, in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency within the legal regulatory framework. In both cases, the effective control of the human resources management processes is guaranteed.

The following are included among the services provided by our Law Firm:

  • Registration of Legal Persons and Enterprises in the National Single Registrar of Petitioners of Foreign Citizens (RENURE). Updating of existing registrations.
  • Applications for entry permits in permanent, temporary and transitory residence paperwork (for foreign citizens residing in the country of origin).
  • Requests for rectification of entry permits.
  • Processing of permanent, temporary, transitory and precarious residence (for foreign citizens residing in Argentina).
  • Requests for extension of temporary and transitory residence.
  • Applications for change of migration category.
  • Process of residence based on national origin (MERCOSUR for citizens from Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela).
  • Processing of different types of visas: Transitory visas, technical visa, Business visa. etc.
  • Application for residence certificates, entry, migratory movements.
  • Request and renewal of National Identity Document at the National Registrar of Persons.
  • Request of criminal records in Argentina.
  • Obtaining an Argentinean Passport.
  • The Hague Apostille (Legalization of Public Documents).
  • Inquiries on labor and general migration matters.
  • Inquiries on social security matters related to migration.
  • Auditing of migrant workers' files.

Processing of certificate of entry/exit in and from Argentina and certificate of migratory movements.

Through the Ius Laboris Alliance, we work with lawyers specialized in Migration Law in 40 countries around the world, thus providing a global and highly specialized service.

Should you need any of our services, please contact:

Maria Florencia Funes de Rioja