Quality Policy

"Our mission is to offer enterprises legal, consulting, auditing, outsourcing, informative and updating services in labour and employment law, labour policy, industrial relations, human resources, health and safety at work, labour injuries and social security, meeting customer needs and expectations through highly qualified, specialized and personalized services, developing solutions tailored to their specific requirements and issues.

We want to ratify our leading role in the field that is the result of our quality management and transparent operation. This objective is achieved through precise, active and timely services in the search of meeting our customers' expectations.

The total Quality in management is essential for the structure and members of Funes de Rioja & Asociados. It is therefore the organization's primary commitment to work in the design and selection of the best available strategies that guarantee quality through the compliance with our rules and proceedings, for the purpose of obtaining the external and internal customer satisfaction.

To this end we must focus on the following set of values:

Customers are the ultimate judges of our services and our success resides in retaining them. Continual professional development and specialization are our greatest assets. Team work and information sharing are the key to achieve efficiency and productivity. Quickness and flexibility in our actions are essential to meet our customers expectations. It is a priority to achieve continual improvement of timing, costs and processes stressing the responsibility in the technical aspect and making a suitable assessment of each need and case. Our core principles are personal and professional ethics.

Our purpose is:

To guarantee that our organization's members know and share our Quality management system and that they have the necessary capacity to implement it through suitable tools. To maintain with the organization, customers, strategic allies, associates and providers relationships based on clear negotiation, respect and a responsible fulfillment of the assumed undertakings. To strive for the improvement of our processes and services so that they fit the above-mentioned standards, follow the current legal regulations, the Organization's internal standards and the Quality requirements of ISO 9001/2008"

Daniel Funes De Rioja