Vision and Mission

Funes de Rioja & Asociados also provides assistance in the legal and health and safety field in relation to the prevention, compensation, and labour injuries system contemplated in the present National Labour Injuries Act. The Labour Injuries scheme in force has been frequently the object of legal questioning of it's essential principles. The existing jurisprudence calls for a suitable and specialized defense of the employers interests

On the other hand, in relation to the complex and expensive system of labour taxes in force, Funes de Rioja as the expertise and information necessary to design compensation and benefits schemes (total compensation), optimizing costs and encouraging employer-employee relationships. At the same time, the team specialized in Social Security and Administrative Law can evaluate and calculate the contingencies and courses of action required.

Social Security

  • Labour taxes: Social Security Withholdings and Contributions
  • Retirement System
  • Updated news on collective bargaining.
  • Labour Injuries Scheme